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Sorority Recruitment Workshop
CANCELLED   due to Corvid 19
Sunday,  March 29th
2:00-4:00 at the Emmet O'Neal library
Birmingham, Alabama
Pre-register at
[email protected]


Our goal is to make the Sorority Recruitment​ process as easy as possible - for Moms and Daughters (and Dads too)! 
We share insight, unique ideas, and the do's and don'ts of Recruitment! Sign up today for our only workshop for
the SPRING! This workshop is flat fee of $100 per each parent/daughter couple, and you may pre-register at [email protected] With apologies this Spring workshop is CANCELLED. Next workshop is Fall 2020.
As seen in: The New York Times...Southern Living Magazine...The
Alabama Business Journal...The Birmingham News... Auburn 
Magazine...Fox Business News...Voice of America & many more! 
Let us give you a brief background of our company. We started out Rushbiddies in February 2010. Being collegiate advisors and also our involvement with the National Panhellenic Council groups have made us aware of the lack of information for moms and daughters who are interested to join the sorority recruitment.

We saw the huge potential of filling this gap in the market and quite rightly, our target market has embraced us in a welcoming manner. Rushbiddies offer two types of workshops. We have open for large groups and private workshops.

Our open workshops can accommodate 10 or more people while our private workshops are of a smaller group. When you take advantage of our workshops, we also include a two-hour consultation. At this time, you or your mother are given the chance to ask questions about the recruitment preparation.

Rushbiddies team is always ready to extend help to moms and daughters that would want to get in the elite social network on campus - sorority rush. This is why we provide all the necessary information to ensure that your daughter will get accepted. We can work on weekends if this is your only available time. We are also willing to travel if your daughter has a jam-packed schedule and can't travel to where we are located.

Whatever the arrangement may be, we will make sure that the money you have paid for your daughter's sorority recruitment workshops will be worth it. Connect with us now through our Facebook and Instagram so that we can give you further details about our workshops!
We offer our services nationwide! So, if you are from
Continental USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), we will be
happy to render our services to you. We are also willing to
travel and work on weekends, if you want private sessions to
be conducted within your area.

What are you waiting for? Don't let your daughter missed the opportunity of enjoying the sisterhood that sorority groups
provide.  Connect with us now!