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Sorority Recruitment Workshops
"Extreme " Workshop
Sunday,  March 29th
2:00-4:00 at the Emmet O'Neal library
Birmingham, Alabama
Pre-register at
[email protected]
Interesting year of networking and COBs!

Interesting year of networking and COBs!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Pat Grant


  1. 24 Feb, 2020
    Whew! Time to Re-group and Get Ready for Spring!
    This dismal weather we are experiencing has me craving some blue skies, sunshine, and turquoise water!  During the months of February and March I stay expectant for the early glimpses of spring.  I long to get the surf between my toes and the warm sunshine on my face.  This longing for a new season in a new situation, makes me think of all the senior girls in high school, they too are longing for a new season and new situation.  In reality they stand on the cusp of a paradoxical dilemma.  They
  2. 01 Oct, 2019
    Do Your Research! Come and Learn at Our Fall "Early Bird" Workshop!
    What an amazing fall! Congratulations ladies! It is always so satisfying to see my clients happily placed in their sorority home!  Too often I have parents/daughters contact me after they have gone through the formal recruitment process unsuccessfully.  It feels personal to them...please trust is not.  There are many variables that come into play for sorority membership!  But first and foremost, it is a numbers game!  There are many aspects that need to be understood and considered when
  3. Getting that packet of info to your alums!
    25 Apr, 2019
    Interesting Year of Networking and Continuous Open Bidding (C.O.B.)
    I have been consulting Moms (and some Dads) and their daughters for many years now.  I am truly thankful to all of my past and present clients!  You all have become friends and I always love hearing from you!  You certainly serve as a bright spot in my day!  Nothing makes me more joyful than to have young ladies happily placed in a sorority home!  This certainly gives me job fulfillment!  It opens up a whole new world for the girls and gives their Moms/Dads/families peace of mind (me too)!  When
  4. 03 Apr, 2019
    Positive Mindfulness!
    There seems to be a new buzz word out there among people in all walks of life. Mindfulness... in simple terms, it has to do with being in the moment. It seems we are a society of multi-taskers. Are we doing so many things at one time that we are not really paying attention to what we are doing? This conjures up images of a person going around and around in circles. A never ending cycle to the daily treadmill. Between technology demands, and teens thinking that texting is actually having a
  5. 03 Apr, 2019
    Happiness is a busy fall!
    Rushbiddies reached a milestone this fall!  A record  number of girls seeking our help! But the best news of all, they are ALL happily placed in their new sorority "home!"  I have adored working with these remarkable young ladies!  Thanks to technology, I am able to really get to know these lovely PNMs and their families, and it is extremely rewarding to help them navigate their recruitment!  It was such a pleasure to coach them through one of the most taxing processes they have ever faced!
  6. 03 Apr, 2019
    Spring has sprung? Change is in the air!
    Life is nothing if it is not in a constant state of flux! Right? That is a philosophy I try to live by!  It can be a challenge!  Change is inevitable!  Our seasons predictably change, but the weather it brings, especially in the South, can be quite unpredictable!  So we take comfort in knowing with spring the flowers will bloom!  However, we also know with spring, the tornados can come too!  We embrace the good and prepare for the bad!  Still, at the same time wanting to believe that life is
  7. 03 Oct, 2018
    Fall and "Early Bird" on the Horizon!!
    It seems that everything revolves around the weather! We in the south can probably attribute that mind-set to the agrarian roots most native families share! Perhaps even many generations back!  Late summer and early fall have rapidly expired!  I am just waiting for the elusive "cool snap" to show up again!  This is the winding down of my busiest time of the year! Thankfully, most of our Rushbiddies' girls have gotten placed.  If they did not find their "spot" in formal recruitment, it seems that
  8. Sorority as your home away from home...
    05 Aug, 2015
    Sorority as your home away from home...
    These last few months have been a whirlwind of Panhellenic recruitments across the country!  Fall recruitments are finally coming to a close, and we are now getting ready for the second semester winter recruitments! Please let me say how much I have loved getting to know so many fabulous Moms and daughters! What a blessing to see so many happily placed girls! I rejoice in every happiness with each Mom and daughter, (Dads too)!   (Btw...thank you all for sending me so many beautiful, smiling
  9. PREPARATION!  Know what you stand for and how to live it out!
    29 Jul, 2015
    PREPARATION! Know what you stand for and how to live it out!
    Congratulations to all my second semester girls who have happily found their sorority home!  If you are a young woman in high school who is considering taking part in sorority recruitment, when you attend college, my one word of advice is PREPARATION!  Preparation is key to the process! Please consider letting Rushbiddies help you navigate the process of dos and don'ts.  Look for our Spring workshop coming soon!  With preparation in mind, I was recently reminded of a radio interview I did with