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Sorority Recruitment Workshop
CANCELLED   due to Corvid 19
Sunday,  March 29th
2:00-4:00 at the Emmet O'Neal library
Birmingham, Alabama
Pre-register at
[email protected]


  1. 24 Mar, 2020
    The World According to Corona Virus Pandemic!
    In these last few weeks, our world has introduced a new term, 'social distancing.'   A term that truly runs counter to sorority life.  Sisterhood is about shared experiences and establishing a closeness akin to family relationships.  That is not done staying six feet apart, and nearly impossible if you are not even on the same campus!  Isolating ourselves, in the name of staying well, has made us keenly aware of group chats, or basically any technology that can keep us in touch and connected to
  2. Getting that packet of info to your alums!
    25 Apr, 2019
    Interesting Year of Networking and Continuous Open Bidding (C.O.B.)
    I have been consulting Moms (and some Dads) and their daughters for many years now.  I am truly thankful to all of my past and present clients!  You all have become friends and I always love hearing from you!  You certainly serve as a bright spot in my day!  Nothing makes me more joyful than to have young ladies happily placed in a sorority home!  This certainly gives me job fulfillment!  It opens up a whole new world for the girls and gives their Moms/Dads/families peace of mind (me too)!  When
  3. Sorority as your home away from home...
    05 Aug, 2015
    Sorority as your home away from home...
    These last few months have been a whirlwind of Panhellenic recruitments across the country!  Fall recruitments are finally coming to a close, and we are now getting ready for the second semester winter recruitments! Please let me say how much I have loved getting to know so many fabulous Moms and daughters! What a blessing to see so many happily placed girls! I rejoice in every happiness with each Mom and daughter, (Dads too)!   (Btw...thank you all for sending me so many beautiful, smiling
  4. PREPARATION!  Know what you stand for and how to live it out!
    29 Jul, 2015
    PREPARATION! Know what you stand for and how to live it out!
    Congratulations to all my second semester girls who have happily found their sorority home!  If you are a young woman in high school who is considering taking part in sorority recruitment, when you attend college, my one word of advice is PREPARATION!  Preparation is key to the process! Please consider letting Rushbiddies help you navigate the process of dos and don'ts.  Look for our Spring workshop coming soon!  With preparation in mind, I was recently reminded of a radio interview I did with
  5. I believe in second chances!!!
    22 Jul, 2015
    I believe in second chances!!!
    We have been so excited and happy for ALL of our RB girls!  They have ALL been happily placed in their sorority homes this fall! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is such a fabulous feeling to know you were able to help someone successfully navigate through this oft daunting recruitment process! Most of you have already been on your new member retreat, or formally 'pledged,' or you are just about to receive your new member pin, or even your big sister!  Regardless of where you are in your new member